If you have gout and and is looking for some relief from the pain and suffering, then read though this article. I have provided you with some very interesting things you can do to better deal with your condition.
First off, you should know and understand that there is really no cure for gout. The only/main treatment is a special gout diet and medication to help with the swelling and pain. You should eliminate red meats, tomatoes and tomatoes sauce, orange juices or any juices high in citric acids, any foods high in uric acids, cheeses, and gravy. You may be able to find a more specific list on the Internet through a search engine.
There was a massive research project done on what foods cause gout and some of the biggest contributors to gout are seafood, red meat, and alcohol (especially beer). This study involved more than 40,000 participants who tracked what they ate over 20 years. This same study found that eating foods high in vitamin C helped prevent gout.
So to get some relief from gout, start by cutting down on fried foods and eating beef and pork. Get on a high fiber diet and also cut out dairy foods and add glyconutrient powder to your diet too. You will be much better in 30 days if you follow the plan. There is also this great website www.goutoff.com with a lot of information on foods that make gout worse or better. This site also has an explanation of what causes gout and some free recipes for gout.

over the counter medicines that work on gout:
Talking about gout medication, there are several over the counter medicines that work very well for gouty arthritis. which is caused by a deposition of urate crystals in the joints. Its very painful. The classic joint involved is the big toe and it appears swollen and red. As a physician I often recommend ALLEVE 200 mg tabs take 2 tabs every 12 hours. Avoid alcohol drink plenty of water.
Black cherry or Black cherry extract. I have used it several times to treat patients with gout. You can get the extract at a good health food store, just follow the recommended dosage on bottle.
Foot gout
If it's a foot keep it elevated and drink lots of water. No rich foods. Don't take Ibuprofen,use an aspirin product.Fruit juices and plenty of WATER. Gout is from eating way to rich foods and can be controlled by a healthy diet. Salads veggies and little red meat.
With all this said about gout treatment, what you really need to do to get rid of gout is remove the acid from your blood. An acidic body is a sick body. You do this with a product that contains phytonutrients, flavenoids and polysaccharides. It quickly turns your blood from acidic to alkaline, therefore relieving your pain.